Teacher Feature: Aniela Finch

Aniela Finch has over 25 years of dance experience. Her ballet training began at a young age and she had teachers and mentors who trained with the New York City Ballet, the Joffrey Ballet, the Danish Royal Ballet and the Royal Ballet. Aniela left her dance training behind when she entered the adult world. Now married and a mom of three, she has found a new passion through teaching barre. Aniela received her barre certification last November and is working hard to spread her love for barre to her community in Greeley, CO. Her creativity shines through her classes. Aniela loves finding new exercises to introduce to her classes, she creates playlists and shares them on her Instagram account and she throws some seriously fun barre parties.

What was your dance or fitness experience prior to getting certified?

When I was about six [years old], I started to do ballet. From there, I had a classical ballet training from Boulder Ballet in Boulder, CO. I quit ballet my junior year of high school then took classes in college, and that allowed me to start ballet again. I stopped again after college. I kept exercising, but it wasn’t until I had my third baby that I wanted to get back into ballet and [Barre Certification] was a great avenue for me to do so.

Why do you love teaching barre?

I love barre because I get to use my passion for ballet, health and fitness, and it’s fun to be able to encourage people. Using [barre] as a form of low-impact exercise, I just love it. I love the joy that it brings to people. It’s a new way to workout and a fun way to workout. I love this style of exercise to gain strength and flexibility and to tone your muscles in new ways.

What’s your favorite part of class?

I have three things. I love doing the weights and finding new ways to work with the light weights. I’ve added in some towel movements. We use towels kind of as gliders, so that’s been fun. The call it the torturous towels now in my class. The third is at the barre, we put our feet on the barre and do some bridges, so bridges on the barre— I have a video of that for you! And adding fun music makes those exercises even more fun!


How has barre impacted your community?

I teach at our local recreation center here in Greeley, CO– the Greeley Family Funplex and the Greeley Rec. Center and it’s actually though our dance studio, Northern Colorado Academy of Dance Arts. We partnered with the City of Greeley and we’ve been able to extend it to the city. [The studio] has enabled me to teach and do my own thing, in terms of barre. At the end of each session, and I spoke about this in the [BarreCast] podcast, but I do a barre party. We have done 80s, 90s, Girl Power, Country, Sports themes, the next one is going to be the Roaring 20s. The barre parties are a fun way to have people invite their friends and bring joy to the community. I have a heart for each of my students. I believe that they were brought into my life for a reason, and I just want to love and encourage my students and community. I’m just so blessed by that.

You’ve been dancing since you were six years old. How great is it to continue your ballet passion through ballet-based fitness?

I just love that I am able to continue my passion for ballet and fitness and combining those through barre. It has been such a blessing and a joy for me, and I would say for my family too, because it’s given me an avenue for something I have a passion for and given me an outlet to go and do that.

Any current goals?

I’d say more current goals would be to learn more about barre, teaching and group fitness, even personal training, things like that, so I can continue to grow in my knowledge. I always want to learn more, and I always want to encourage people more.

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