IBBFA Scholarship winners

In this episode, we find out more about the first ever IBBFA Scholarship winner Ellyn D. out of New Mexico. She talks about her background as a nurse and her desire to bring Barre to her community. Please join us in congratulating her in completing her certification! We look forward to hearing from her soon to see what she has been doing with her certification!

The next scholarship winner has been announced! Vanessa H. is the Winter 2016 Scholarship winner! We can’t wait to meet her and hear her story too!

Barre at the YMCA – Episode 11

In this episode, we hear from Alicia W. from the Tampa area in Florida. She has successfully helped launch Barre into the YMCA’s of the area and shares with us how it all started. Then we catch up with Lisa Juliet as she talks about what it’s like to transition into the hectic life of a Barre Instructor from the traditional desk job life.

BarreCast Episode 10- Barre Abroad

In this episode, we chat with Daisy H., a certified instructor from Australia that has been taking her community by storm! She has recently been nominated for a local small business award in her community and is making a lasting impact on the people in her area! Tune in to hear how her first few weeks in her journey went and her words of encouragement to those out there going through the same process!

BarreCast – Episode #9 Barre in the Dance Studio Setting

The latest BarreCast episode is all about bringing Barre to dance studios! We chat with the owners of Get To the Pointe Dance studio in Georgia and they share some of the struggles they face as a dance studio. We talk about some of the benefits of getting instructors certified in Barre and how it will enhance their studio by offering adult classes as well. Stick around for the Business of Barre segment where we talk with Lisa J. about creating the perfect class schedule for your facility!

BarreCast – Episode #8 Making the certified choice

We take an in depth look at making the decision to get certified as a barre instructor. It is important to evaluate all of the options before signing up for an instructor training. We address some of the most important factors you should consider when choosing your certification program. Stay tuned for exciting information about the Barre Certification workshop…coming soon!

BarreCast – Episode #7 Customized Studio Classes

In this episode, we talk with a certified instructor about implementing Barre classes into her already successful Cycling studio. We then catch up with Our Business of Barre expert, Lisa Juliet on how to use feedback from clients to customize your schedule and class offerings.

BarreCast – Episode #6 Compound Exercises for Every Body

In this episode, we take a look at why bodies need compound exercises. We talk to Holly Faeth about how young teenaged kids and how she is helping them cross-train for their athletic endeavors. We discuss why we need to introduce these types of exercises into our classes and how the new Level 3 can bring fresh ideas into the studio. Then an exciting message about the BarreCertification Scholarship program!

BarreCast – Episode #5 Community Building

In this episode, we speak to a barre instructor that is using her community to build a foundation for the future. She tells us how she offers special events and themed classes to help create a fun environment for her students! In the Business of Barre segment, we discuss ways to use Spotify to find and follow new music for classes.

BarreCast – Episode #4 Casting A Vision In Barre

In this episode we speak with Kelly James, a future Barre instructor that is also blind. As a current one-on-one yoga instructor, Kelly has some great insight into how to be more mindful and aware of your student’s needs. We also catch up with Lisa and Candace to recap the Business Boutique and how it relates to owning or starting a Barre Studio!

BarreCast – Episode #3 Overcoming With Barre

This month we feature interview with Candace Johnson. We discuss how Barre helps overcome challenges related to chronic medical conditions such as porphyria.