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Barre Certification recommended product list

  We get a lot of people asking what products we recommend to accompany barre classes and exercises. Since we are educators that certify instructors in different types of facilities around the world, IBBFA Barre Certification has been able to compile a list of the highest recommended products to use as a barre instructor.   […]

The scholarship is here!

Calling all barre enthusiasts! The International Ballet Barre Fitness Association is pleased to announce the release of the Barre Instructor Certification Scholarship. We are looking for one dedicated instructor that can make an impact on their community by teaching barre. Please email your completed application to info@barrecertification.com We look forward to receiving  your submissions! Thank […]

You see, I see, we all need CECs!

Not all teacher training courses are created equally. Furthermore, online teacher training programs can be a big risk if you don’t know what you are getting yourself into. Here are some important things to consider when looking for certification programs; It is important to think about where you plan on taking your certification once completed. […]

Raising the Barre at Business Boutique

This past weekend, some of us at Barre Certification got to attend an all women’s entrepreneur conference. It was so incredible to be around women that were dreaming of doing something big and making a difference in the community. It made us think how special it was to help support all of the studio owners […]

Beach vibes and Barre class

  In our latest class outline, we are channeling the great energy we are getting from the Barre Body Challenge. Take your students outside to enjoy the breeze or bring the beach to the studio with the Reggae at the Barre Playlist! This class has been jam packed with some new exercises. Look for more […]

Barre Body Challenge is here!!

A new class outline and playlist is available now on BarreZen! This month, the format of the class is a bit different. You will actually see three fully choreographed dances to help students get their heart rate up! The Barre Body Challenge is designed to push participants to try new things while achieving their goals! […]


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]How much time do you spend mindlessly listening to the radio or T.V. each day? If days fly by and hours disappear, it is likely that you lose valuable time doing even necessary tasks like driving or preparing meals. If you have never listened to podcasts, you will find a whole world of people out there […]

March Madness

The class outline for March is all set to our own version of those awesome Jock Jams CD’s you know you love! And that inspired us to use that trusty ball for almost all of the exercises listed…even some of the stretches! These outlines are meant to inspire you as instructors to try something new, […]

BarreZen is live!

How often do you feel a creative block as an instructor and feel your students losing interest. It can be such a challenge to come up with themes, songs, exercises and outlines that feel fresh and new for students. So many certified barre instructors choose to teach classes because they love fitness and empowering their […]

Ballet Foundations at the Barre

We feel a shift happening in the world of fitness today. At Barre Certification, we see people reach out to us every day because they are discouraged by the group fitness classes offered in their area. Has this been an issue in your community? We would like to end the shallow, close-minded and competitive culture […]