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5 self-care tips for instructors

As an instructor, you are dedicated to your clients and to your facility. However, the biggest cause of injury and burnout for instructors is when they don’t take enough time for themselves. Some instructors feel guilty about taking time off or saying “no” to another responsibility, but taking on more than you should usually does […]

5 special promotions to offer at your studio

Getting people through the door can be a challenge for studio owners and instructors. Sometimes all you need is a special offer to do the trick. Once the newcomers are in your class, we know you (as an IBBFA barre-certified instructor) will be the reason they want to come back for more! Here is a […]

Teacher Feature: Tiffin Bennett

From gymnastics, to theater arts, to ballet and now barre, Tiffin Bennett’s eclectic background has shaped the kind of dance and fitness teacher she’s become. She wanted to become a certified barre instructor to broaden the classes she could bring to her clients. After years of teaching at large dance studios, Tiffin recently decided to […]

The difference between franchise and independent certifications

When looking for a program to receive your barre certification, it is important to consider what where you want to teach and how you want to use the certification. Some certifications, like the one you get from IBBFA Barre Certification, are independent while others are a part of a franchise company, like Pure Barre. So, […]

Is it okay to teach barre to pregnant clients?

We get this question a lot. Which means that our IBBFA-certified instructors are committed to teaching the best quality exercise with safety in mind. So proud! So let’s chat. Most women who actively workout continue to do so while pregnant through their first trimester. IBBFA-certified instructor Tammy Fourcier, who has been through two pregnancies since […]

Ballet etymology: Tendu

Learning the etymology of ballet words can help you visualize the intention of the position or exercise. It also makes for great trivia for your next class! Let’s dissect the word Tendu [tahn-DEW]. What it looks like in ballet: A tendu refers to a movement in which the working foot  is stretched and usually held. In […]

From instructor to studio owner, what you need to know

We see a lot of barre instructors who go through our program with dreams of starting their own studio; Charlene Causey was one of them. Her studio, Brilliant Balance, opened its doors to the Pueblo, CO community in January. As a former registered nurse, Charlene integrates her natural health and personal training certifications into her […]

Teacher Feature: Season Mitzel

Season Mitzel calls barre her “soulmate workout.” Two years ago, Season endured a series of surgeries. Being an avid runner and having 15 years of dance training under her belt, Season couldn’t keep still but her recovery set her back. She tried a few different workouts before finding something that would stick.  “I remember the […]

April BarreZen: IBBFA HIITS the Barre!

We asked our instructors what types of classes they would like to try to incorporate into Barre…Number 1 result? HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) takes the cake! We had so much fun creating the class outline, playlist and video this month! A sneak peak into the format for class: Each segment includes -20 seconds of […]

March BarreZen- Spring Break Slim Down

This month, we are bringing the party to the barre! This “Spring Break Slim Down” class is designed to get your clients excited for warm weather! While Barre is great for its low impact exercises, we have a few well known cardio moves like burpees and jumping jacks to mix it up a bit. We […]