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The 7 learning styles: What type of learner are you?

There’s a lot to learn in the IBBFA training manual. We learn about counting music, how to cue exercises, ballet terminology, as well as how and when to give students modifications and challenges. Utilizing different learning styles is key to finding success as you go through your instructor training. There are seven different learning styles, […]

10 summer infused water recipes

Summer is here, and we all know how important it is to stay hydrated. Especially when we are attending our favorite barre class, of course! Drinking enough water can be difficult, but filling your favorite reusable water bottle with water and tasty fruits makes staying hydrated easy. IBBFA compiled a list of some delicious combinations […]

Teacher Feature: Gina Harris

Taking a barre class with IBBFA-certified instructor Gina Harris is different from any other barre classes you’ve taken before. For starters, you may not be physically near her. She streams her classes online. But the real kicker? She’s on a boat. Gina loves to travel just as much as she loves ballet-based fitness. Being a former […]

Barre and yoga, a good combination for some

We can’t deny the trend we’ve seen combining yoga techniques or stretches with barre exercises. Barre and yoga workouts go together like peanut butter and jelly for some. Others prefer one or the other. It’s not completely uncommon to find studios and gyms that offer both barre and yoga classes, but there is a difference […]

Ballet etymology: Plié

Learning the etymology of ballet words can help you visualize the intention of the position or exercise. It also makes for great trivia for your next class! Let’s dissect the word Plié [plee-ey]. What it looks like in ballet: A plié is very commonly seen in ballet. It is the bending of the knees. This […]

A peek inside our online certification program

Are you interested in becoming certified to teach barre, but you’re a little nervous to take the online course? Take a peek into our online certification course and learn just exactly it entails. Barre Certification is a completely online, work at your own pace program, available internationally. This allows you to take as much time […]

5 reasons to get barre certified online

There’s a better option than a rushed in-person weekend workshop to get your barre certification– an online program! Here are five reasons why you should get certified to teach barre online. 1. Turn your passion into a business Whether you’ve loved ballet since you were a child, or you’ve been taking barre classes religiously, you […]

5 Ways Your Studio Can Give Back

Whether your studio or gym is in a small town or big city, it is important to make your community feel like you care. Creating opportunities to give to local charities is a great way to grow closer to your community and a fun way to get your clients involved. Here are a few easy, […]

Teacher Feature: Aniela Finch

Aniela Finch has over 25 years of dance experience. Her ballet training began at a young age and she had teachers and mentors who trained with the New York City Ballet, the Joffrey Ballet, the Danish Royal Ballet and the Royal Ballet. Aniela left her dance training behind when she entered the adult world. Now […]

Ballet etymology: Arabesque

Learning the etymology of ballet words can help you visualize the intention of the position or exercise. It also makes for great trivia for your next class! Let’s dissect the word Arabesque [air-uh-besk]. What it looks like in ballet: A classical position in which the dancer is balanced on one supporting leg with the working leg […]